CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Placer/Nevada
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CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Placer/Nevada

Youth Curriculum

Youth Education Program


Promoting healthy eating and physical activity in childhood, when important lifestyle behaviors are formed, can provide lifelong health benefits for children. The goal of the youth nutrition curricula is to help students make healthy food and exercise choices by developing positive attitudes and behaviors towards food and fitness. The CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Placer/Nevada staff teach two hands-on nutrition lessons- an introductory lesson in the fall and a fun review in the spring. Teachers receive research-based curriculum, training and resources to continue the education throughout the school year. Produce tastings are also offered in all participating classrooms.


Physical activity, good nutrition, and quality education go hand-in-hand. Well-nourished children have higher test scores, better school attendance, and fewer classroom behavior problems. Every school year, thousands of children at low-income elementary schools and preschools receive nutrition education in their classrooms. 

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