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CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Placer/Nevada

Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork...Promoting School Wellness, Second Grade Curriculum

Front Cover F2F 2nd 2014
Eating Healthy from Farm to Fork...Promoting School Wellness, Second Grade Curriculum is a nutrition education curriculum that makes the connection between local food systems, garden-based learning, school food service, and the establishment of healthy habits. These comprehensive materials integrate nutrition education into grade-appropriate lessons that are specifically designed around the Nutrition Competencies for California Children and directly correlated to the core subjects of the California Content Standards.

Experiential in nature, the lessons actively engage the children in learning about healthy choices for food and fitness. The materials support the development of a positive school wellness environment that recognizes the relationship between health and nutrition and academic achievement and school success.

Each lesson includes lesson introduction, objectives, nutrition competencies, teacher background information, two activities, making the connection, recipe activity, review, and parent letter.


•Students will increase their consumption of fruits, vegetables and grains.
•Students will expand the variety of their diets.
•Students will recognize MyPlate and identify it as a guide to eating healthy and exercise.
•Teach students about the food continuum from farm production to consumption.


Lesson 1: MyPlate

Lesson 2: Vary Your Vegetables

Lesson 3: Fruit

Lesson 4: Grains Get You Going

Lesson 5: Vary Your Protein Food Choices

Lesson 6: Dairy Group Calcium Rich Foods

Lesson 7: Food Safety

Lesson 8: Fitness is Fun

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