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Good for Me and You

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Good For Me and You is a nutrition curriculum designed for second graders students to explore what is good for a healthy body and lifestyle, study My Plate, and are introduced to the concept of nutrients and what they do for their bodies. They learn that eating breakfast every day, drinking healthy beverages, exercising and keeping foods safe to eat all are good for their body. Lessons align with California Common Core Standards for English Language Arts and Health Standards and Nutrition Competencies for second graders. 



  • Students will recognize MyPlate and identify it as a guide to healthy eating
  • Teach students the health benefits provided by foods from each of the five food groups
  • Students will increase their consumption for fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Students will expand the variety in their diets

Lessons and Accompanying Book:

Lesson 1: Eating Healthy is Good for Me and You
    Good for Me and You by Mercier Mayer

Lesson 2: Breakfast is Good for Me and You
    The Hatseller and the Monkeys by Baba Wague Diakite

Lesson 3: Healthy Snacks and Beverages are Good for Me and You
    Eat Well by Liz Gogerly

Lesson 4: Exercise is Good for Me and You
    Wally Exercises by Steve Ettinger

Lesson 5: Keeping Food Safe for Me and You
    Food Safety by Sally Lee

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