Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives
University of California
Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives

Photo Galleries 2008

Experimental Mechanical Harvests. Mechanical harvest of black table olives, cv. 'Manzanillo' using several harvesters.



  • Nickels Field Day. Speakers from UC and industry, and demonstration of trunk-shaking harvesters. Nickels Soil Lab, Colusa Co.
  • Harvest using trunk-shaking harvesters provided by Erick Neilsen Enterprises and Orchard Machinery Co. Nickels Soil Lab, Colusa Co.
  • Rocky Hill Harvest. Harvest using the canopy-shaking harvester, DSE700, developed by Dave Smith Engineering, followed by grading of samples. 'Manzanillo' orchard, Rocky Hill Ranch.
  • Pruning Mature Trees for Mechanical Harvest. Trees are mechanically hedged and skirted, in preparation for mechanical harvest.
  • Trials in Argentina. The Colossus, an olive harvester developed by Maqtec, Inc. of Argentina, is in operation in¬†experimental harvests.
  • Trials in Portugal. The Colossus harvester in operation at Rabadoa Ranch near Beja, Portugal. Samples were collected at several points in the harvest pathway to assess harvester-related injury.
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