Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives
University of California
Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives

Portugal 2008

Rabadoa Ranch
Louise Ferguson, Bill Krueger, Sergio Castro, Uriel Rosa and Paul Vossen convened at the Rabadoa Ranch near Beja, Portugal, September 11 - 12, 2008 to test the Colossus olive harvester developed by MaqTec, Inc., an Argentine company specializing inĀ  harvesting equipment. The model used in these trials was similiar to the one tested in Argentina in May 2008. The objective was to observe the harvester in operation in an olive orchard, and to assess harvester-related injury to the olive trees and fruit.

Experimental Harvest
The trial was conducted in a 5 year old planting of olive cv. 'hojblanca'. Olives were sampled at several points in the harvest pathway and assessed for injury.

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