Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives
University of California
Mechanical Harvesting of California Table Olives

Project Publications

Mechanical Harvesting of California Table and Oil Olives (pdf)
L. Ferguson, U. A. Rosa, S. Castro-Garcia, S. M. Lee, J. X. Guinard, J. K. Burns, W. H. Krueger, N. V. O’Connell and K. Glozer. Adv. Hort. Sci., 2010 24(1): 53-63. 2010.

An overview of the history of olive-harvesting, various factors affecting mechanical harvest particularly tree shape and orchard configuration. Current research involving canopy contact and trunk-shaking harvesters, and consumer-testing of mechanically harvested olives, is discussed.

Video Evaluation of Table Olive Damage during Harvest with a Canopy Shaker (pdf)
S. Castro-Garcia, U. A. Rosa, C. J. Gliever, D. Smith, J. K. Burns, W. H. Krueger, L. Ferguson and K. Glozer. HortTechnology, April-June 2009. 19(2): 260-266.

Stereo video analysis based on two high-speed cameras operating during the harvesting process were used to identify the sources of fruit damage due to canopy-harvester interaction. 

Screening Fruit Loosening Agents for Black Ripe Processed Table Olives (pdf)
J. K. Burns, L. Ferguson, K. Glozer, W. H. Krueger and R. Rosecrance. HortScience 43(5):1449-1453. 2008.

The goal of this research was to reevaluate the potential of ethylene-releasing compounds (ERCs) as olive-loosening agents and to screen additional candidates previously shown to accelerate citrus fruit abscission.

Popular Press

Mechanizing Olive Harvesting
Laura Drotleff

A report on our progress appearing in the Sept/Oct 2010 issue of Western Fruit Grower

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