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Clovis Botanical Garden

Clovis Botanical Garden is a water-wise demonstration garden sustained by the community through memberships, donations, grants and maintained by dedicated volunteers. The land is owned by the City of Clovis, bordered by Dry Creek Trail and Dry Creek Park. Clovis Botanical Garden is a National Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat.

Two AEC classes this spring will be held at the Clovis Botanical Garden

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Clovis Botanical (2)

Clovis Botanical Garden Water Wise Plant Sale will be

October 19, 2019

Clovis Botanical 2018 (1108)

Fresno Master Gardeners will be there to help answer questions

Clovis Botanical


What Are the Benefits of Community Gardens?

Eating the recommended number of servings of fruits and vegetables is critical to our health, as it reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. However, Americans are not eating nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Income is a factor. Residents of underserved urban neighborhoods often lack access to affordable, high-quality fruits and vegetables. As a result, they are less likely to eat the recommended number of servings.

Gardening is one strategy for improving much-needed access to fresh produce. But, many Los Angeles County residents live in apartments or in home where they do not have space for gardening. Community gardens provide space by repurposing vacant land.

Research suggests that community gardeners eat more servings of fruits and vegetables and a greater variety of vegetables than non-gardeners. Gardening is also good exercise, producing additional health benefits.

Other possible benefits exist, beyond the potential for improving the health of participants. Community gardens help to build new community relationships, beautify vacant or blighted land, and create open space for urban neighborhoods that lack green space.

Community Garden Toolkit

Click here to download a printable copy of
Community Garden Toolkit: Starting a Community Garden.


From Plot to Plate Video

From Plot to Plate Video

Courtesy of Fresno Metro Ministries
Community Garden Coalition

Community Life Garden

We are creating a community garden nonprofit centrally located within five miles from Reedley, Orange Cove and Dinuba, on the corner of Manning and Crawford. We are grateful to all our great volunteers that have assisted us with our garden building efforts and thankful for the awesome support from our local businesses. For more information about the Community Life Garden visit their website.

The UCCE Master Gardeners Fresno County continue to support our efforts to create a sustainable community garden.

CLG believes that successful gardeners need to continue to learn and practice. We are pleased to continue to provide gardening and wellness education workshops that assist member gardeners and local communities grow a sustainable personal garden and learn the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. We hope to continue to provide these workshops at no cost. Our gardening education workshops are taught by Master Gardeners and local experts.

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Life Labs Community garden help

To help advocates work with local governments to adopt these types of policies, NPLAN, a project of ChangeLab Solutions, developed this policy package that includes model language that can be incorporated into local land use guidelines. We also recommend that you look at our model policies, which can help advocates work with local governments to create and sustain these important neighborhood resources

UCANR Publication on Community Gardens

Great Resource for starting a Community Garden. List types of community gardens and lots of pictures and step by step instructions

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