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Landscape Tree Care

Trees are a costly and major part of your landscape. Trees provide shade, privacy, and beauty but a tree in the wrong place can become an expensive problem in years to come. The ultimate size and shape of the mature tree, how much annual maintenance it will require, the location in your yard, and the purpose you intend are among the many considerations when selecting a tree. Many species deciduous and evergreen, with a wide variety of characteristics are suitable for our area. Even if you have a small yard, you can plant a number of trees!

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After careful consideration of these factors, the following Shopper's Guides will assist you in choosing the right tree for the right place in your landscape.

Shopper's Guides to Landscape Trees

UC Master Gardeners have developed a "Shopper's Guide to Landscape Trees" to assist the public in selecting an appropriate tree, deciduous or evergreen. You are invited to view the lists or print them to take with you when shopping for a tree.

Shoppers Guide to Deciduous Trees

Shoppers Guide to Evergreen Trees

Ultra Small Trees for Small Spaces

Trees for Small Spaces

Proper tree placement can save on the cost of heating and cooling year round

Do your homework, purchase and plant the right tree in the right place