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Sustainable Landscape

“Sustainability is a way of living that meets the needs of the present without impacting the needs of the future.”  
From: Sustainable Sites Initiative,

 Our gardening practices directly affect our community and our environment. There are many healthier gardening habits we can adopt that will lessen our personal impact on our surroundings, creating a healthier community today and tomorrow.

Anyone can take small steps to make their garden more sustainable. It is not necessary to spend a large amount of money or to renovate your entire garden to make a difference.  There are many helpful adjustments you can make in your existing landscape that are simple and free.

Browse the topics below to see if there is a part of your landscape or gardening practices that you might be interested in learning about. Select one to get more information.  At the bottom of each page you will also find a link to the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping website which expands upon the topic and offers many resources for further exploration. It is important to not be overwhelmed by all of the changes you might consider making in your garden. Pick something that is a priority to you or that seems most interesting or achievable and start there.



Even one change makes a difference.

Be Water-wise 

Water is a concern for all living things in the valley. There are many steps we can take to protect water quality and reduce water usage in our landscape.

Right Plant, Right Place

Selecting appropriate plants for our climate and the size of your landscape can save water, reduce maintenance time and garden waste, and may attract fewer pests.


Promote IPM

Integrated Pest Management encourages gardeners to select from a variety of less-toxic methods to control a pest, weed, or disease.


Build Healthy Soil

Healthy soil is an important factor in supporting plant health and can also save you water.


Reduce Waste

Changing some of our gardening habits can reduce waste sent to our local landfills and can save you time and money.

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Conserve Energy

Choices made in our gardens can help us to conserve energy and make our neighborhoods more comfortable and inviting.


Create Wildlife Habitat

You can help bring more balance to our local environment by creating wildlife habitat in your own garden.

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