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Be Waterwise

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  Save Water

-Practice proper irrigation scheduling based on soil type, plant needs, and weather. Be sure to adjust your controller seasonally, follow city watering regulations, and turn off your controller during rain events.

-Utilize all of your sprinkler water output by avoiding runoff. Break up irrigation times into two or more cycles to allow water to efficiently percolate into the soil rather than run off into the gutter. Remove obstructions from the sprinkler dispersal area. Observe your irrigation system monthly. Adjust misdirected sprayers, and promptly repair leaks or broken risers.

-Install drip irrigation or use low-flow rotor-style sprinkler heads.

-Plant in hydrozones; place plants with similar watering needs together and on their own watering station or valve.

-Reduce lawn size and use drought tolerant plants.

-Amend soil with compost and top-dress garden beds with mulch to increase water holding capacity and conserve soil moisture.

Protect Water Quality

-Eliminate water runoff to keep chemicals and pollutants out of storm water.

- Do not hose off hard surfaces. Sweep grass clippings, soil, and fertilizer back into the landscape.

-Keep rainwater on site using swales, dry creek beds, and permeable hardscapes, preventing rainwater runoff from carrying garden chemicals into the storm water system.

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If you are interested in any of these suggestions, you can learn more about all of these topics by visiting the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping website. Thank you for your interest in creating a more sustainable landscape!

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