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-Reduce your lawn size and know your lawn species. Following the recommendations for your turf’s water and fertilizer needs as well as mowing height and mowing frequency can reduce garden waste and save water, time, and money.

-Grasscycle. If you follow the recommendations for your lawn species, and mow only the top 1/3 of the blades of grass, you can grasscycle. Grasscycling uses the mulching configuration on your mower and leaves the grass blades on the lawn to naturally decompose; sending nutrients back to the roots. Grasscycling reduces your overall fertilizer needs, reduces waste, and saves time.

-Compost on site or use the green-waste bin. Keep garden waste out of the landfill by placing garden trimmings in the green-waste bin. Compost your trimmings and kitchen scraps in your own compost bin; which will later reward you with nutrient-rich compost to add to your planting beds.

-Use low maintenance plants. Slow growing and low-maintenance plants will require less-frequent maintenance and will reduce trimming waste.

-Practice Right Plant, Right Place to reduce unnecessary pruning.

-Reuse construction materials in the garden. Use broken concrete or reclaimed brick for permeable pathways and old wood, doors, windows, and other found objects for informal structures or garden art.

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If you are interested in any of these suggestions, you can learn more about all of these topics by visiting the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping website. Thank you for your interest in creating a more sustainable landscape!

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