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Right Plant Right Place

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-Choose plants appropriate for our climate, such as native or drought tolerant plants and those in Sunset zone 8 or 9.

-Plant in hydrozones, grouping plants with similar watering needs together.  

-Know the microclimates in your yard and plant accordingly- based on sun, shade, soil type, slope, or unusually wet or dry areas.  

-Know before you grow—know the maximum height and spread of any plant or tree you consider planting and select an area of your garden where it will fit. Allowing a plant or tree to grow to its natural shape and size will be more attractive and will require less pruning or trimming maintenance and will reduce garden waste.

-Avoid invasive plants. They can spread into undesirable areas and require constant attention and maintenance to limit them to a confined space.

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If you are interested in any of these suggestions, you can learn more about all of these topics by visiting the Central Valley Friendly Landscaping website. Thank you for your interest in creating a more sustainable landscape!

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