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Drought & Water Wise Gardening

Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District

The Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District provides flood control and urban storm water services in a 399-square mile watershed located between the Kings and San Joaquin Rivers. The District is home to roughly 690,000 people and includes both urban and agricultural land uses. The Fresno/Clovis urban area is served by a system of roughly 700 miles of pipeline and more than 150 stormwater retention basins.  Capital facilities are funded through local development ordinances and operations are funded through a limited voter authorized tax.  The District also provides Clean Water Act compliance assistance to businesses and industries that are subject to stormwater related regulations.

The California Garden Web

The UC Master Gardener Program designed the California Garden Web to serve as a portal to organize and extend the University of California's vast collection of research-based information about gardening to the public. The California Garden Web focuses on sustainable gardening practices and uses a question and answer format to present solutions. The blog below highlights gardening issues pertaining to the season.

The Waterwise Master Gardener

Happy New Year to all and let's have a great year in the garden in 2021! Tim the Waterwise Gardener (see  tree pruning article to the right) 

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I have lived and gardened in the Fresno area for over thirty years. Before I became a Master
Gardener, I just assumed my garden would look torched every summer due to the summer heat.
Then I became a Master Gardener and learned about the fundamental of Right Plant, Right Place.
As a surprise to me, there are plants that not only survive but thrive in our summer heat. I now have plants in my garden that just can’t wait until the searing summer heat. And they use very little water!
As a Master Gardener, I learned about the UC Davis Arboretum All Stars. These plants are tested by the University of California in our climate to tolerate our cold winters and hot summers.
There are a hundred plants on the list. You can see these plants in their summer splendor growing at the UC Davis Arboretum in Davis.
What usually happens is that homeowners start seeing a few plants flagging in their gardens in the summer and then dramatically raise the water run times throughout their garden. That is a waste of water. What gardeners should do is go through their gardens here in the summer and
note specific plants that are struggling. It might be a good idea to remove those plants.. I have to say that maybe your favorite plant just doesn’t belong in a Fresno garden. The good news is that you have an amazing number of choices of plants that do belong here.
I am going to recommend you take a field trip to the UC Davis Arboretum and observe these all stars in action. It is a beautiful arboretum and is my favorite garden in California. You can also observe the irrigation systems UC is using to irrigate and the extensive use of mulch throughout the garden.
Now is not the time to plant your all stars. The best time is in the fall when temperatures start to cool down.
Here is my top five list of all stars that I have grown
Leucophyllum frutescens – cenizo (”Texas ranger”):
Salvia clevelandii ‘Winnifred Gilman’
Teucrium fruticans – bush germander
Acca sellowiana (Feijoa sellowiana ) –
Calycanthus occidentalis – western spice bush:
Do an internet search of UC Davis Arboretum All Stars and you will discover a wealth of information.
Yes, you can have an amazing beautiful water wise summer garden in Fresno!
The Water wise Gardener