LA Times blogger to be a UC Master Gardener

Mar 18, 2010

Freelance journalist and Los Angeles Times blogger Jeff Spurrier is in Los Angeles County's Master Gardener class of 2010. In a post he wrote on Tuesday, centered on a new initiative sponsored by the Master Gardener program, Spurrier promised to share what he learns as he goes through the training himself.

Spurrier wrote about LA County's “Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative," slated for March and April 2010. A UCCE news release said the initiative will help people start their own gardens quickly and easily in a container, in the backyard or at a community garden, bringing together local families and neighborhoods to share their experiences, skills and produce. Master Gardener volunteers will organize and lead Victory Garden Circles, and teach the basics of gardening.

A leader of one garden circle, Master Gardener Justin McInteer, was featured and pictured in the LA Times blog. McInteer will be running his class in a small Sunset Boulevard backyard.

“This is a drastically scaled down but still functional version of what you learn in the master gardening class," McInteer was quoted. "It’s information for the individual growing his own garden, taking advantage of the space they already have.”

LA County residents can find a class location and more details on the Grow LA Victory Garden Initiative Web site.

By Jeannette E. Warnert
Author - Communications Specialist

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