UC Riverside called The Idea Factory

Jun 7, 2010

The Riverside Press-Enterprise published an eight-page special report about UC Riverside in the Sunday newspaper, calling the institution "The Idea Factory."

"Not only students graduate to the real world. Ideas do, too," the report's introduction says.

One of the articles in the special report focuses on industry support of agricultural research at UC Riverside. The story traces the roots of UC Riverside's agricultural programs from its establishment as a citrus research station in 1907 through a history of accomplishments in plant breeding, insect pest and disease control.

Two examples of industry support for UCR agricultural research were included in the story, written by Mark Muckenfuss and Jack Katzanek.

  • With each case of avocados sold, growers make a small donation, usually just a few cents per case, to the California Avocado Commission, which in turn helps fund some of the UCR's war on root rot and other studies.

  • Some of UCR's efforts to control pests are funded by the Citrus Research Board, to which citrus farmers pay dues.

In addition, UCR's patented discoveries are used by private agriculture through licensing agreements. Most of UCR's licensing agreements - 142 out of 170 last year - are related to agricultural patents.

UC Riverside senior public information representative Iqbal Pittalwala said the campus's strategic communications office worked closely with the newspaper for several months to create the special report.

"And it was the Press Enterprise that came up with 'The Idea Factory,'" Pittalwala said.

By Jeannette E. Warnert
Author - Communications Specialist

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Greenhouses for ag research at UC Riverside.