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Kitchen Garden

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May 2016

The kitchen garden plot demonstrates bed shapes, materials used to create the beds, and a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The garden makes use of raised beds that utilize smaller spaces, promote efficient irrigation, and use quality soils in areas where the native soil is less than ideal.

The close planting of vegetables results in shading of soil which conserves moisture and suppresses weeds. Since the gardener does not walk in the raised beds, the soil is not compacted and plants develop healthy roots. The soil in raised beds warms up quicker in the spring allowing for earlier planting activity and it retains summer warmth in cool climate areas.

Raised beds allow for less bending and stooping and the ADA-compliant raised bed allows access for gardeners in wheelchairs, or those with mobility and flexibility difficulties. 

Growing Vegetables During a Drought

Growing Vegetables in the Cool Season

Growing Herbs