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Vertical Edible Garden

The vertical edibles plot demonstrates the space saving technique of growing fruit on a fence, which is a great option for home gardeners. 

A key principle of growing fruits is to allow maximum exposure of limbs, branches, and canes to sunlight.  The more sunlight they get, the more fruit buds will develop, flower, and produce fruit. Since grapes are vines, they can be trained to grow on a variety of different structures. Two grapes, Thompson Seedless and Flame Seedless, are trained on the garden’s wire fence. Though the practice of training grapes on a wire fence is not optimal for commercial growers, it provides an opportunity for the home gardener to maximize fruit bearing capacity.  The three berry bushes, raspberry, olallieberry, and boysenberry, do not need to be trained on the fence, but will grow and attach themselves to the fence.