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Curb Appeal Garden

As you enter the garden, the first display on the right is a section of the garden that we are calling "Curb Appeal."  It includes ornamentals that create a garden with wow appeal throughout the year. The area represents a small garden space and how it can be most effectively used.

The dahlia tubers, that were there last year, have been removed from the two raised beds as they were starting to take over. The dahlias will be planted in large pots that can be moved to the forefront when they are at their best. The raised beds have been planted with a variety of long blooming, evergreen perennials leaving large enough spaces in between to be interplanted with seasonal color.

Additional pots will be planted with seasonal flowers and small shrubs to create an inviting walkway. Each of the plants will be labeled with identification and general information on culture and uses . All of the plants  have been selected for easy culture, drought tolerance, non-invasiveness, and high impact. Most of the annual flowers will be grown from seed.

Plant List

July 2011 003