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Master Gardener Happenings

Centennial Park Project

North County Master Gardeners continue to develop the Centennial Park Demonstration Garden. These amazing volunteers spent the morning cleaning, pruning, weeding, and learning from each other about irrigation  and transplanting.

october work day

Photo: SLO MG Beth Wray

Farmer's Markets

Master Gardener's can be found at Farmer's Markets throughout the county

elaine and priscilla farmers market

Photo: SLO MG Sharon Rossi

Advice to Grow By Workshops

A fun and busy Open Garden Day for our July ATGB. Master Gardeners offered a variety of activities including: Helpline plant and pest clinic;  mini succulent Garden making; docent tours of the garden; and a fruit tree pruning demo! 

MG Docent Tour
Succulent Team at atgb

SLO MG JA Shubitowski, Photographer

Victory Garden Workshops

Master Gardener's held a continuing education class for this summer's Oceano Victory Garden workshop attendees to learn about preparing the garden for the cooler seasons. 

Harvest Team Updates

Harvest team numbers for 9/26/2022 


Golden Delicious Apples           8 lbs

Shinseiki Pear                         1 lb

Eureka Lemons                       4 lbs

Tomatoes                               2 lbs

Jalepeños                               2 1/2 lbs

Green Beans                           2 1/2 lbs

Cucumber                               1 lb

Lemon Grass                           1 1/2 lbs