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Bring Us Your Samples

How to Choose and Package Specimens

Submit specimens in a clear bag or container.

Do not add water to any specimen bag or container. 

For Plant Problems: It is ideal for the specimen to be collected just before it is brought to a Helpline office. If that is not possible, store the specimen in the refrigerator in the interim.

Select a specimen that shows evidence of disease or insect symptoms. Include plant parts that show various stages of the problem, including diseased and healthy plant tissue for comparison.

For Plant Identification: Collect as many parts of the plant as possible, including flowers and leaves attached to the stems, and any fruit or berries. Flowers are especially crucial in plant and weed identification. If you are submitting a root specimen, place it in a paper bag that is separate from any other plant specimen. Dig roots carefully and do not pull with force, as diseased roots are fragile.

For Pest Identification: Handle insects gently so that they are not damaged. Also include any leaves that show evidence of damage that you believe is caused by the insect.