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    Transitioning away from the ANR FAQ system

    We plan to retire the FAQ system (https://ucanr.edu/faqs/) in February 2020, in order to refocus the efforts of the ANR Web Services team. This system is infrequently used, and FAQ pages appearing in SiteBuilder can easily be replicated by text or datastore assets; indeed, that is the way most "FAQ" pages in SiteBuilder are now created. While the...

    By Stephen Edberg
    Author - Programmer
  • pdf conv1
    PDF Conversions and SiteBuilder

    As part of our on-going effort to improve SiteBuilder efficiency and security, UC ANR IT is removing the PDF conversion tool from SiteBuilder. Unlike when SiteBuilder was first released, creating PDFs from documents, spreadsheets and presentations is far more readily available today on standard PC and Mac desktops. We encourage users to adopt a...

    By Bruce Lidl
    Author - IT Communications Specialist
  • Annotation 2019-10-30 094642
    Accessibility Scores Available In Site Builder

    You may have noticed a new notification when you first login to edit your site in Site Builder. In an effort to improve Electronic Accessibility at ANR, all sites that have switched over to the modern theme in Site Builder were automatically added to an Accessibility tool available to the entire UC called Siteimprove. As the notification...

    By Andrew William Waegli
    Author - Application Programmer
  • cartography-3244166 1280
    International travel and cybersecurity

    Electronic devices have become integral parts of our daily lives. We depend on them for connectivity, productivity and access to information. While abroad, however, we need to be aware of the increased risks we face in terms of cybersecurity. Using our cell phones, tablets and laptops in other countries can increase the risk of privacy...

    By Bruce Lidl
    Author - IT Communications Specialist
  • 2048px-Fish-hook
    Spear Phishing Email Campaigns Target UC ANR Leadership

    Phishing (pronounced 'fishing') is an email scam designed to acquire sensitive information from people. The most successful phishing emails are designed to look like the email comes from a reputable source such as a known person or entity. UC ANR faculty and staff are often the target of attempts to gain login credentials or personal information...

    By Bruce Lidl
    Author - IT Communications Specialist
  • BoxNoteOptions
    Sharing files with Box instead of the ANR File Vault - More customizations

    This is the third post in our series on moving away from the soon-to-be-retired ANR FileVault to the Box.com service. The earlier posts were: Sharing files with Box instead of the ANR File Vault (May 28, 2019) Sharing files with Box instead of the ANR File Vault - How to do things in Box (June 4, 2019)   We heard a number of questions...

    By Stephen Edberg
    Author - Programmer

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