The purpose of the Native American Community Partnerships Workgroup is to strengthen UC ANR’s relationships and extension programming with California Native American communities through:

  1. Increasing UC ANR’s knowledge of Native American culture, science, and government to better work with Tribal communities;

  2. Building our capacity for effective outreach to Tribal communities across the state;

  3. Enhancing Tribal communities’ understanding and knowledge of resources within UC ANR.

Our aim is to broaden UC ANR support for and learn from the 720,000 Native Americans that reside in California, comprising 12% of the entire Native population in the United States. Expected outcomes include improving the health of people, communities, the environment and food systems through improved collaborations with tribal communities at their request.

The Workgroup aligns with all of UC ANR's Public Value Statements, especially focusing on efforts to develop an inclusive and equitable society.



Activities for this workgroup include:

  • opportunities for networking & shared learning

  • professional development around cultural competency training

  • development of UC ANR web presence and extension resources

  • providing a platform for supporting UC ANR professionals in establishing and maintaining extension work and programs with Tribes, Native American communities, and other partner organizations