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Jr. Coordinator

Jr. Coordinator

The Nevada County 4-H Junior Project Coordinator Group consists of youth members who are willing to make a difference to help their fellow members succeed in their projects. 
Duties of a Junior Coordinator include:
  • Work alongside the Adult Coordinator for their project.
  • Help project leaders with training and education of the members.
  • Help plan events with the Adult Coordinator for Fun Fair, judging contests, tours, field days, etc.
  • All Junior Coordinators must be present and take an active role in the planning and education that goes on at Fun Fair. They also are responsible for being at Fair to help members that need help with their projects. These two events are the most important for the Junior Coordinators to take an active role in. Their skills and leadership are greatly needed.
  • Work with the Adult Coordinators to promote the Nevada County Proficiency Program.
  • Help provide publicity for the group and promote the project to the county.
  • May work together to put on workshops.
  • Along with the Adult Coordinator they must assist in functions and events that involve collaboration with the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

The requirements to be a Junior Coordinator include:

  1. Must have been in a specified project for at least 2 years.
  2. Strong desire to help other members succeed.
  3. Must be willing to teach what they know.
  4. Able to work with adults.
  5. Submit application.

The Application Process

  1. Submit a completed application to the 4-H office by November 1, 2016


For information about the Junior Coordinator Program, contact the 4-H office at (530) 273-4563.