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Scholarships to 4-H Leadership Conferences

This scholarship request is for reimbursement funds.  This scholarship request is available for Nevada County 4-H members only.

Financial scholarship requests will be awarded based on the following: 

Attendees will be awarded an amount that will be determined after applications are received. First-time attendees will receive priority.

Scholarship requests MUST BE RECEIVED 2 WEEKS before the application deadline for an event. 

Scholarships checks will be awarded after attendance at the leadership conference.

Only Nevada County 4-H members who are enrolled in 4honline, and are confirmed at the club level, with program fees submitted to county, would be considered for scholarships.

To receive the scholarship reimbursement, you must present and share information you learned at the event to your club, community, or our 4-H Club Leaders at a council meeting, date to be determined.

If you have any questions, please email jcsimmons@ucanr.edu

Apply for scholarships to 4-H Leadership Conferences here: