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County Project Coordinators

County Project Coordinators are required to apply each year and applications are reviewed by Executive Council.  Submit your application to the 4-H office in person on Tuesday and Thursday, fax to (530) 273-4769 or by email to jcsimmons@ucanr.edu  Applications are due by October 29, 2015.

Expectations for Adult Coordinators:

-Work with the Jr. Coordinators to promote and educate members about their project

-Provide leadership to project leaders at the club level.

-Provide training, when necessary, to project leaders.

-Plan and implement events for area of expertise, such as fun fair, judging contests, tours and field days for youth to participate in educational, hands-on, non-formal instruction.

-Oversee Nevada County Proficiency Program in area of expertise and provide the means for members to successfully complete the levels. Work closely with the Proficiency Program Coordinator to insure program is operating in a consistent manner.

-Provide publicity for the group. Help promote the project to the county.

-Set up workshops.

-Secure awards in project areas.

-Assist in functions and events that involve collaboration with the Nevada County Fairgrounds.

-Assure that the information and resources are based on UC research.