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Virtual 4-H Meeting Resources

Virtual 4-H Meeting Resources for 4-H Volunteers

General Virtual Meeting and Presence Resources

Will be announced soon!

Virtual Meeting Guidance for 4-H Adult Volunteers

Internet and Connectivity 

California Department of Education - Getting Internet Access: Available Plans

Zoom Information

Zoom Tips for Users (Maine 4-H)

ZOOM Meetings - Advice for Groups (Maine 4-H)

How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Meeting

Google Hangout Meets 

A Guide to Google Chat: Hangouts vs. Google Hangouts Chat vs. Google Hangouts Meet

Facebook Live

How to Use Facebook Live: The Ultimate Guide (this guide's focus is on marketing, but it has a great overview of what Facebook Live is and how to use it)


Preparing for Remote Work and Virtual Event Planning Discussion (1 hour 23 minutes long - good content at 42 minutes)

4-H Technology Tools and Tips, from CA State 4-H

*Please contact Nevada County 4-H CES, Jill Simmons at jcsimmons@ucanr.edu if you have any questions or to schedule Zoom meetings!