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Gardening in the Eastern Sierra can be a challenge. Although we are in California, that's more of a result of a poor understanding of geography by early map makers. Most of Inyo and Mono counties are located in the Great Basin, a very different environment from the more populated parts of our state.

Our climate, nestled against the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada range, is an outstanding example of extremes. We are hot in summer and cold in winter; blasted by intense sunlight and blustered about by strong wind; soils hold too much water or almost none at all. And through it all we are very dry.

If you have relocated here from more mild locations such as the Bay Area or southern California, you may find your past garden experience unhelpful.

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Thankfully, we can help you find answers to questions related to pests and gardening. As agents of the University of California, we aim to provide research based answers to your gardening questions.

This site is our repository of local gardening information, but we have other resources available to help.

Help Resources

Master Gardener Helpline

For specific gardening questions, residents of Inyo or Mono counties can email us or call us on the phone (leave a message).

Email: immg@ucanr.edu   Phone: (760) 872-2098

Facebook Page

If you like using Facebook, we have a page there. We accept questions through messages. We usually respond more quickly via the helpline.

Facebook: UCCE Master Gardeners of Inyo & Mono Counties Page

UC Integrated Pest Management Program

If you have pest questions, the best place to find an answer is the UC IPM page.

Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a process you can use to solve pest problems while minimizing risks to people and the environment. IPM can be used to manage all kinds of pests anywhere—in urban, agricultural, and wildland or natural areas. This comprehensive website helps you use the UC's best science to solve your pest problems.

UC IPM Page: Link

Home Food Preservation

Information on preserving food, including your garden's harvest, can be found at our local Master Food Preserver program's site.

UC Master Food Preservers of Inyo & Mono Counties: Link