All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST). 

Monday, February 8

1:00 PM New Directors' Meeting 
Earl Greene, USGS [presentation file]
Doug Parker NIWR President (California) [presentation file]

NIWR Annual Meeting
Moderated by Kevin Wagner (Oklahoma)

2:00 Opening Session: Welcome, Meeting Overview and NIWR Update

  • Meeting Overview - President-Elect Kevin Wagner (Oklahoma)
  • NIWR Reflections - Past-President Dan Devlin (Kansas)
  • NIWR Update - President Doug Parker (California)

2:30 USGS Update - Earl Greene, USGS [presentation file]

3:00 Break

3:10 Comments and Update from Van Scoyoc Associates - Leslee Gilbert, Van Scoyoc Associates [see for presentation file]

3:20 Presentation by US Representative Josh Harder, California's 10th District (Central Valley)

3:40 Best Practices for Virtual Hill Visits - Leslee Gilbert, Van Scoyoc Associates [see for presentation file]

4:00 Break

4:10 WRRI Challenges & Opportunities - Breakout Session

4:55 Closing 

5:00 PM Adjourn             

Tuesday, February 9

8 AM–2 PM Virtual Hill Appointments

2:00 Welcome Back, Capitol Hill Debriefing and Business Meeting - Doug Parker, President (California)

2:45 NIWR Regional Breakouts - led by NIWR Board Members

3:10 Break

3:20 GrantSolutions 101 - Laura Mahoney, Grants Analyst, USGS [Presentation files: PowerPoint; PDF]

4:20 Break

4:30 Reporting to Demonstrate Impact: What makes a “good” annual and 5-year report and how do you achieve this? - Earle Greene, Program Coordinator, Water Resource Research Act Program, USGS Water Resources Mission Area; John Lenhart (Ohio); and James Hurley (Wisconsin)  [presentation file]

4:55 Closing 

5:00 PM Adjourn

Wednesday, February 10

8 AM-2 PM Virtual Hill Appointments

2:00 Welcome Back and Capitol Hill Debriefing - Doug Parker, President (California)

2:10 UCOWR Update – Karl Williard, Executive Director, UCOWR [presentation file]

2:25 NIWR Institutes’ Governance Structure – Jonathon Yoder (Washington) [presentation file]

2:55 Break

3:05 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Kristin Wilson Grimes (Oceania and Islands) and Doug Parker (California)

4:05 Break

4:15 Leveraging WRRI Resources for Broader Impacts
Chitaranjan Ray (Nebraska) [presentation file]
Jennifer Hauxwell (Wisconsin) [presentation file]
Lucas Gregory (Texas) [presentation file]
Stephen Schoenholtz (Virginia) [presentation file]

4:45 Meeting Reflections and Future Directions of NIWR - Doug Parker, President (California)

5:00 PM Adjourn