A note to academics: We’ve been asked how the Administrative Orientation differs from the Programmatic Orientation and should academics attend both orientations. The short answer is, Yes, it’s beneficial to attend both sessions.

  • The Programmatic Orientation is designed to help academics jump start their programs by focusing on program design and showcasing successful projects of other ANR academics.
  • The Administrative Orientation introduces statewide programs and provides an opportunity to learn about administrative units and services and the people who run them; it provides an overview of ANR structure, vision and mission as well as an opportunity to meet new people, network, and find future collaborators.

As you embark on your new journey working for UC ANR refer to the New ANR Employee Guide.

Administrative Orientation

Learn about ANR Administrative Units and Statewide Programs and Institutes.

Two-Day Virtual Meeting via Zoom, 8:30-11:30 AM 

Agenda Coming Soon

Who should attend: All UC ANR Employees (academics, staff and affiliated staff on campuses, counties and RECs) who have not participated in an administrative orientation in the past. Priority will be given to those hired by ANR within the past year.

Contact for more information
Academic: Tina Jordan
Staff: Jodi Azulai

UC ANR Program Support Unit
Julia Kalika, (530) 750-1380
Program Support, (530) 750-1361

Programmatic Orientation and (re)Connecting

Goal of this orientation is to provide ANR academics with the foundation to build on for success - where success is positively impacting the lives of Californians.

The April event has been postponed - new dates will be released shortly

This orientation is open to all early career:

  • Cooperative Extension Advisors
  • Cooperative Extension Specialists
  • Academic Coordinators
  • Academic Administrators
  • Agricultural Experiment Station Faculty

Those who were unable to attend past orientations and those who have attended within are also welcome to attend. The orientation has changed significantly in the last year and (re)connecting is encouraged!

Contact for more information

Mark Bell
Mark Lagrimini

UC ANR Program Support Unit,
Kellie McFarland (530)750-1259 or (530)750-1361