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2021 Agenda

Tuesday, January 12 (Time is PST)

8:00 AM State of the Industry - Bob Klein, Pistachio Research Board
8:30  Improving Your Orchard’s Distribution UniformityIsaya Kisekka, Professor and Irrigation Engineer, Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis 
9:00  Impact of Environmental Stress on Pistachio Orchard PerformanceGiulia Marino, UC ANR CE Specialist, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
9:30  Break
9:40  The Effects of Smoke on EvapotranspirationKosana Suvocarev, UC ANR CE Specialist, Land, Air and Water Dept., UC Davis
10:10  Climate Change Effect on Pistachio Orchard Production: Physiology and BeyondKatherine Jarvis-Shean, Advisor, UCCE, Yolo County
10:40   Erratic Spring Temps of 2020 and Picking Males in an Uncertain Climate FutureCraig Kallsen, Advisor, UCCE Kern County
11:10  Break
11:20  First Look at the Pistachio Production Function Model - Daniele Zaccaria, UC ANR CE Specialist, Land, Air and Water Dept., UC Davis
11:50 Adjourn

Wednesday, January 13

8:00  Weed Control in OrchardsBrad Hanson, UC ANR CE Weed Specialist, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
8:30  Botryosphaeira and Botrytis ManagementThemis Michailides, Plant Pathologist, Plant Pathology, UC Davis
9:00  Understanding Your Irrigation Water Report - Mae Culumber, Advisor, UCCE Fresno County
9:30  Break
9:40  Evaluating Salt Tolerance of UCBI and Platinum Rootstocks - Gurreet Brar, Professor, Dept. of Plant Sciences, CSU Fresno
10:10  Mating Disruption Update - David Haviland, Advisor, UCCE Kern County
10:40  Update on NOW surveyPhoebe Gordon, Advisor, UCCE Madera County
11:10  Break
11:20  Sterile Insect Technology UpdateHouston Wilson, CE Specialist, Kearney Agricultural Research & Extension Center, UC ANR
11:50 Adjourn