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American Pistachio Growers

To learn more, visit www.americanpistachios.org.


Corteva Agriscience

To learn more, visit www.corteva.com.


Nichino America

To learn more, visit www.nichino.net.


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Pacific Biocontrol has been an industry leader in pheromone mating disruption technology for over 35 years. Backed by extensive research, our ISOMATE products are available in hand-applied and aerosol formulations that provide an effective and economical tool against key agricultural pests. Pacific Biocontrol Corporation is a US company headquartered in Vancouver, WA and is dedicated to education and support of our distributors, PCAs and growers. To learn more, visit www.pacificbiocontrol.com.

Pacific Nut Producer

Pacific Nut Producer is the Authoritative Voice of the Pistachio Industry and reaches more pistachio growers than any other media. Requested by the industry and trusted since 1995. Visit www.pacificnutproducer.com.


Schuil and Associates

Schuil & Associates is a family-owned, one-of-a-kind agriculture real estate team with roots planted in the Central Valley of California. For over 37 years, Schuil & Associates has grown to serve both buyers and sellers across the country, building its name one relationship at a time. With a nod to tradition, and an eye focused towards the future of a rapidly-changing industry, Schuil & Associates strives to be the most informed, active and trusted agriculture real estate team. With thousands of acres of farms for sale, and dairy properties marketed and sold across the country, Schuil & Associates has become known for their service, work ethic, and dedication to their clients. To learn more, visit www.schuil.com.



Semios is the fastest growing provider of NOW mating disruption in pistachios. With pheromone dispenser installation, remote monitoring and maintenance included, growers prefer Semios for the time and money they save. In-canopy weather stations monitor the climate that drives NOW development, allowing Semios to control pheromone release for maximum impact and longevity. Our powerful wireless network of in-canopy sensors gives you the tools you need to predict & respond to insect, disease, irrigation, water, and tree health conditions in real-time. Learn more:



Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc.

To learn more, visit www.settonfarms.com


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Grower-owned by The Wonderful Company, Suterra is the global leader in pheromone pest control products. Leveraging over 30 years of experience, Suterra produces hundreds of products used globally, including on 400,000 acres in California. Suterra’s state-of-the-art facility in Bend, Oregon is the world’s largest dedicated pheromone facility and integrates all aspects of the business under one roof: research and development, chemical synthesis, product engineering and manufacturing. Suterra’s pest control solutions come in several different forms including the Puffer® aerosol emitter, CheckMate® sprayable formulations and dispensers, and BioLure® specialized monitoring lures. To learn more, please visit www.suterra.com.


For more information, visit www.syngenta.com.

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Established in 1984, Trécé is a leading American innovator in pheromone and kairomone-based product research, development, and manufacturing of products for growing agriculture, crop protection, post-harvest and consumer insect management. Trécé’s PHEROCON®, STORGARD®, and CIDETRAK® product lines provide premier quality, highly effective and non-toxic pheromone and/or kairomone-based monitoring and control systems for both conventional and organic use.


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WiseConn Specializes in automated irrigation and fertigation systems. From the phone or tablet, growers can remotely monitor and control all irrigation aspects on their operation and see data in real-time through our online irrigation management software, DropControl. To learn more, visit www.wiseconn.com



With our “Growers First” philosophy, it’s simple; order pistachio trees from Wonderful Nurseries and we’ll buy back the crop. Wonderful Nurseries works closely with our sister company, Wonderful Pistachio & Almonds to offer Pistachio Purchase Agreements to clients planting our trees. Whether you are purchasing our Wonderful Pistachio Rootstock™ (WPR) or standard UCB-1 rootstock from seed, we have a home for your product. Contact us today at 661-758-4777 or visit our website at www.WonderfulNurseries.com  to place your order and grow your rootstock into guaranteed sales! Buy it, grow it, sell it!

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Ceres Imaging

To learn more, visit www.ceresimaging.net.



Keenan Farms is proud to be Family Owned and California Grown. Founded in 1972, our family operation has been in business longer than any other California pistachio processor. We all know it isn’t size or longevity alone that creates an industry leader-it’s an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. Visit www.keenanfarms.com.



To learn more, visit www.millerchemical.com.



To learn more, visit www.pumpsight.com.

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RTS Agri Business

Soil & Crop Inc.