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Horse Mastership Program

4-Horse Smotherman
The Placer County Horse Mastership program is designed to test the knowledge and skills of the 4-H members enrolled in horse projects in Placer County. The written portions of the test were updated and revised in 2010 and the study guides have been updated to reflect these changes. These new study guides are now available on-line in a format you can download or they can be picked up at the 4-H office. If you have been studying from the old guide you will want to download the new study guides because some of the categories have been shifted around to different levels.

New as of 2010: You may take levels 1 and 2 in the same year. After that, you may only test on one level per year.

New as of 2013: If you are a teen (15 years or older), you may take more than two levels (Level 1 through 4) this year in an attempt to complete all six levels before aging out of 4-H. Note that Levels 5 and 6 may only be taken consecutively.

The information in the tests is primarily taken from the three 4-H publications available through the 4-H office:

  • The Light Horse
  • Horse Science
  • Horses and Horsemanship

You are also encouraged to review other sources such as:

  • Horses by G. Warren Evans
  • UC Davis Book of the Horse
  • CSHA Horsemanship Handbook
  • Internet



Placer County 4-H Horse Mastership Written Test Study Guide PDF

Mastership Skills Tests:
Mastership skills test level 1 pdf
Mastership skills test level 2 pdf
Mastership skills test level 3 pdf
Mastership skills test level 4 pdf
Mastership skills test level 5 pdf
Mastership skills test level 6 pdf

Click here to download the PC 4-H Horse Handbook for your reference

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