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Project Information

Projects are offered in Community Clubs as well as county wide. Within the project, members find things to learn, to do, to make, and to explore.  Learning-by-doing in an atmosphere where learning is fun is the basic philosophy of the 4-H YDP.  The goal of project-based work is to give members an opportunity to explore, practice and master a wide variety of subject matter and life skills.  A 4-H project is:

  • At least 6 hours of educational 
  • Planned work in an area of interest to the 4-H member.
  • Guided by a 4-H adult volunteer who is the project leader.
  • Aimed at planned objectives that can be attained and measured.
  • Summarized by some form of record keeping.
If your club is not offering the project you wish to take, checkout the list of Countywide Projects. 

If you are considering taking a project in a club other than your primary club, there are important steps to take BEFORE signing up on-line. You must first check with the project leader of the other club to determine if space is available and if your schedule is such that you are going to be a regular participant. Primary clubs reserve the right to make their projects available to their own club members first and then if a project leader has room and the desire for additional youth in their project arrangements might be negotiated


Is your club not offering a project you wish to take? Enroll in a Countywide Project! Contact the Project Leader for meeting location, time and place. When enrolling on-line, choose the Countywide Project Club and then when choosing projects, select the Countywide Project Club from the drop down and in the project dropdown select the Countywide Project you wish to take.

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