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Curriculum: Fun New Options for Engaging Your Students

The Curriculum offered by the 4-H office in Placer County is designed to provide you with background information and exciting experiential activities dealing with life science for use in your classroom.  Each activity is designed to be grade-level appropriate and has been correlated to U.S. National Science Education Standards, including standards for science as inquiry and life science.  Within this curriculum your students will have the opportunity to develop life skills related to science processes, teamwork, keeping records, planning and organizing.

4-H Youth Development Program Curriculum

Embryology - An Eggciting Adventure

Curriculum Objectives

  • Develop an appreciation for the basic principles of science and gain knowledge about animal reproduction.
  • Develop the skills needed to care for the eggs and relate it to the processes of living things.
  • Instill an appreciation and concern for life from the very beginning.

This project provides opportunities for K-8th grade to learn the value of life, in addition to information about chickens, eggs and embryology development.  Students will read and write about what they observe and apply what they have learned through art and drama activities.

The curriculum includes age appropriate materials on:

  • Detailed incubation procedures
  • Parts of the egg and their function in the embryo development
  • The reproductive system and fertilization
  • Chick embryo development/fetus development
  • Anatomy of the chicken
  • Observing the development of the embryo
  • Hatching of the egg
  • Brooding and Chick Care
  • Nutritional value of the egg
  • Egg related math problems, word puzzles, games, and craft projects
  • Certificate of merit

Subjects Included:

Science, Math, Language Arts and Nutrition

Skills Learned:

Listening, Thinking, Reading and Writing

A Supplement is available with additional activities to use with K - 3rd grades & 4th - 8th grade students.

To obtain a copy contact the 4-H Office.





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