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Club Leader Resources

Beginning of the Year Resources

4-H Club Budget

4-H Officer Teams are required to submit a budget for their 4-H year at the beginning og the year. This budget is required to be submitted to the Placer County 4-H office by email or by mail See form below.

4-H Club Budget Form

  • due September 1 for the upcoming 4-H year 

Club Planning Guide

Planning the 4-H year can be challenging work to manage. The Club Planning Guide helps illustrate the required operations a club must conduct and follow. It allows club leadership to plan out the year ahead of them. See form below. 

Club Planning Guide

  • Due Nov 1 of the current 4-H year

Outreach Methods Documentation

4-H clubs put a lot of effort in youth recruitment that should be recognized. The Outreach Documentation Form is a required form that recognizes a clubs effort to reach out into their communities for youth membership and adult volunteers. 
EX: School Presentation about 4-H: 

  • list the date(s) of the presentation(s),
  • number of times the presentation was given
  • any pertinent comments 

All clubs are required to demonstrate outreach efforts in at least three outreach methods. To document your club’s outreach efforts attach copies of flyers, newspaper articles, media releases and lists of personal contacts made to this form. For assistance, call your UCCE county office.

Outreach Methods Documentation

  • Due November 1 of current program year
End of the Year Resources

End of the Year Financial Reporting 

Both online and paper financial reporting are due to the Placer 4-H office by 5PM on September 1, 2023. 

Complete Online Financial Reporting

Online Financial Reporting opens July 1.

Please use the following checklist to ensure all forms are submitted. 

Placer End Year Forms Checklist

Forms Due to Placer 4-H Office by 5PM on Friday, September 1, 2023


Achievement Award Order Forms

Club Meeting Parliamentary Procedure Resources
Reimbursement Process

Spending Reimbursement Process 

For any expenses at the 4-H county level, that cannot be completed by the 4-H office, please complete the following process. 


1. Submit a 4-H Pre-approval Form prior to purchase. 

If ordering online, please provide shipping costs and other expenses. 

2. Once approved, make the purchase. 

Keep your receipts for the next step. 

3. Submit a Request for Reimbursement Form with the receipts attached. 

Physical receipts, receipt scans, HD photos of receipts, Order Invoices, and Order Confirmation messages are all accepted. Receipts must clearly identify each item that was purchased and reflect their costs. 


Required Forms for Spending Reimbursement 

  1. Pre-Approval Form *prior to purchase
  2. Request for Reimbursement Form *With itemized receipt

Fundraisers are a great way to boost program income to generate more program opportunities for youth. Fundraisers must be approved by the 4-H CES and County Director prior to the event. Below is the required fundraiser approval form. Please attach any flyers associated with the fundraiser. 

Fundraiser Approval Forms must be submitted at least one month prior to the fundraising activity!!


For more information about 4-H fundraising, VISIT HERE.

Record Books and Awards

For 4-H awards, members are required to attend club and project meetings and document these in their record books.


2022-23 Steps to Success

  • documents members requirements to exhibit at fair and be a member in good standing 


Record books are completed throughout the 4-H year and are submitted at the end of the year. For record book forms and more information, VISIT HERE

Club Record Book Evaluation Form