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Lending Library & Learning Labs

Placer County 4-H has a lending library for adult volunteers and youth members. Below are the various categories with available curriculum, books, and videos. Volunteers and members are welcome to come to the 4-H Office Monday through Friday, during business hours, and check-out any needed resources. Additionally, we are always looking to add and/or update our resources. If you have any suggestions or resources you would like to see made available please take this online survey.

* Small Animal                              * Fashion/Sewing
* Cat  * Leadership Development
* Dog  * Horse 
* Goat  * Horse Mastership 
* Poultry  * Barns and Fences 
* Rabbit  * Forestry 
* Swine  * Icebreakers 
* Sheep  * Bugs/Birds/Worms 
* Beef/Cattle  * Outdoor Activities
                     * Science and Technology 



Learning Lab Kits are also available in the Lending Library. These Lab Kits were designed by Ohio 4-H and cover species-specific, hands-on, durable learning materials. Lab Kits have a variety of materials and resources for both beginning and experienced Project Leaders. Learning Lab Kits are available in the following species and/or topics.

 * Beef  * Cattle
 * Dairy  * Dog
 * Goat  * Horse
 * Poultry  * Rabbit
 * Sheep  * Swine
 * Lawn and Garden Equipment  * Plant Identification
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