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Processing of Niche Meat

NEW! Searchable USDA and Custom Exempt Meat Slaughter and Processor Map of California:


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Understanding the Processor's Language - 1-hour webinar. How to communicate effectively with your processor on topics such as yield grades, cutting specifications, inspection and regulations, meat handing, shelf life, and more. 


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Nutritional Labeling of Meat and Poultry: the New Rules - 1-hour webinar. Meat and poultry label requirements (USDA-FSIS) as of January 1, 2012.

Feasibility and Case Studies

Modular Harvest System Case Study - Local Infrastructure for Local Agriculture (LILA, Inc.)

Locally Produced Livestock Processing and Marketing Feasibility Assessment - University of Nevada, Reno, 2007

Meat Industry Capacity and Feasibility Study - California North Coast

Slaughterhouse Feasibility Report

Other Information

Compliance Guide - Mobile Slaughter - From the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service

Third-Party Audits for Meat Processors - 68-minute webinar. An experienced processor talks about what to expect from and how to prepare for audits for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), food safety, animal welfare, and certified organic.

Livestock Carcass Disposal Methods - Environmental and Biosecurity Characteristics - Although focused on the European Union, offers information on alternative technologies for effective and safe disposal

Power Of Meat - An in-depth look at meat through the shoppers’ eyes from the American Meat Institute and the Food Marketing Institute

Implementation of Small and Very Small Niche Meat Harvesting and Cut and Wrap Facilities in California - Project outline, next steps

Going Mobile - USDA Co-op Report on mobile slaughter units and the local food movement

Where's The Local Beef? - Rebuilding Small-Scale Meat Processing Infrastructure (from Food and Water Watch)

Web Links to more data...

Natural Curing for Meats - 1-hour webinar. How to cure meats without synthetic ingredients. Ingredients, processes, product labeling, and regulations are discussed.

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