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UCCE Crop Profitability Calculator

Crop Profitability Calculator

Download and complete this crop calculator to take a closer look at up to 10 row crops. Data is entered in yellow cells and calculations are automatic. Read the instructions on the leftmost tab and then complete each tab moving from left to right.  The end result will help you to find weak links in your production and identify profitable crops. A "Scenarios Tool" is available (rightmost tab) to look at different production scale and pricing models. 

Data needed for Crop Profitability Calculator - EXPENSES

Print this useful guide to the expense data needed to complete the UCCE Crop Profitability Calculator. You may have all of the expense information you need in your bookkeeping records (an expanded Profit and Loss Statement), but if not, you will need to do some digging. Use these lists to identify and categorize costs (overhead or direct expense.) This sheet is applicable to both row crop and livestock producers. 



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