Recovering from Wildfire
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Recovering from Wildfire

Post Fire Homeowner Guides

Wildfire Recovery & Family Health

Property Damages
A guide to Wildfire Recovery (Oregon State) and what to do After the Fire- Returning to Normal (FEMA) , provide useful tips to getting back to normal after a wildfire.

Recovering From a Fire: Emotionally

A guide to Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire: Important Steps for Your Safe and Speedy Recovery (Red Cross).

Food Caution!!!

It's a good idea to be cautious with your food and medication after a fire. For facts and suggestions, please view these reports:

Tips for Surviving a Wildfire

If you find yourself about to be trapped by approaching flames, what are your best options to protect yourself? Use lessons learned from wilderness survival  to protect yourself in the event of a fire.  "You are about to be entrapped or burned over by a wildfire- What are your survival options_"

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