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CA Backyard Poultry Survey


Update: Results coming soon! 44 out of California's 58 counties were represented. Thank you for your participation! 

Hello fellow backyard poultry enthusiasts!

The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and UC Davis Vet Med Cooperative Extension conducted a research study consisting of a voluntary survey designed specifically for backyard poultry owners in California. 

Goal: Our goal is to better understand how backyard poultry enthusiasts communicate with each other in California and to design and execute effective and efficient backyard poultry outreach programs. To do this, we are sending out a short survey to help us understand the “structure” of backyard poultry network (see below for an example of a network). This information will be crucial in the event of a poultry disease outbreak such as avian influenza. For example, if we know what counties have a large number of poultry coming in and out then we can be strategic on where to allocate outreach resources (ie. help us determine where to hold biosecurity workshops). Furthermore, the information will allow us to plan custom workshops depending on the county’s needs.

**Please note we are a university not a regulatory agency and therefore our focus is on outreach and education and not regulation and enforcement.**

The survey is now closed but stay tuned for results!

Dr. Maurice Pitesky and his lab staff appreciate your cooperation and trust. If you have any questions/comments, please contact Maurice Pitesky at mepitesky@ucdavis.edu or Myrna Cadena at mmcadena@ucdavis.edu.