COVID-19: Food Safety

How Does COVID-19 Affect Food Safety?

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Below are some resources that help provide more information on COVID-19 and its effect on Food Safety. 

Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide 

  • This article helps answer common questions people may have on Coronavirus and food safety. Such as the safety of allowing restaurants to continue serving food, whether food is a vector of this viral transmission and other questions. 

Food-Related Resources for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) for Consumers and The Food Industry

  • UC Food Safety provides multiple resources for a variety of groups on their website linked above. There are a multitude of resources for consumers, growers, workers, grocery stores, and other groups. 

NC State Extension COVID-19 Food Safety Resources

  • North Carolina State provides additional general food safety resources for consumers. They also have resources in Spanish

Urban Farms, Food Safety, and Food System Resilience During COVID-19

  • The UC Urban Agriculture page gives information for urban farms and community gardens regarding COVID-19 and food safety. 

Novel Coronavirus Prevention & Control for Produce Farms

  • Cornell University has provided tips for employers regarding coronavirus prevention and control on farms.  

COVID-19 Resources for Agriculture

  • UC Davis Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety has resources and videos for the general public, agricultural employers, Growers, and Farmworkers on CoVID-19. There are also resources and videos available in Spanish

UCCE Sheep & Goats COVID-19 Resources

  •  UC Cooperative Extension provides industry, veterinary, and public health resources, including resources for sheep & goats. 

Food Safety and the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

  • The FDA answers industry questions related to food supply, social distancing, disinfecting, and worker safety. 

UCCE San Luis Obispo County COVID-19 Information

  • UC Cooperative Extension provides information on topics including food safety and California workers. There are also resources available in Spanish.

Resources for cleaning and disinfection of human touch surfaces

  • The Food Industry Association has developed a guide for COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection for Human-Touch Surfaces.

Meat and Poultry Processing Workers and Employers

  • Guidance from the CDC and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) for processing facilities developing plans for continuing operations in the setting of COVID-19.