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Meat Production and Food Safety Program Team Meeting
November 30- December 1
Tentative Agenda

Wednesday, November 30

1:00 pm       Taurus – Overview of How to Use it with Clientele - Josh Davy and Jim Oltjen
2:30 pm       Vet Feed Directive and Medically Important Antibiotics - Jim Oltjen
3:00 pm       Break
3:30 pm       Livestock Economics -  Tina Saitore
4:30 pm       Discussion, what might be a potential projects for ANR Core Issues Grants
5:30 pm       Adjourn for group dinner

Thursday, December 1

8:00 am    Water Use by Cattle on CA Rangelands - Emily Andreini, Ph.D. student
8:15 am    Feeding Motivation in Feedlot Cattle - Jennifer Chen, Ph.D. student
8:30 am    GHG and the Livestock Industry - Samantha Werth, Ph.D. student
9:00 am    EPD’s 101 -  Dr. Darrah Bullock, University of Kentucky
10:00 am  Break
10:30am   Genomics 101 – What is CRISPR and how can it be used in California’s Beef   Industry - Dr. Alison VanEnnaman 
11:30 am  Grass Fed Beef – Does forage species affect flavor profile? - TBD 
12:00 pm  Lunch
1:00 pm    Wrap up, positions, direction for PT
2:00 pm    CBCIA liason with Livestock Production Systems WG members
2:00pm     Group Project and Grant Development and ANR Publication Updates
5:00pm     Dinner on your own

Friday, December 2

Optional Poster Session - Kasey Deatley, CSU-Chico
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