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March 18-20, 2019 Positive Youth Development Meeting

Positive Youth Development Program Team presents

Multicultural Youth Development: Embracing Diversity - Fostering Inclusion
Monday, March 18-Wednesday, March 20
Valley Conference Center, 2801 Second Street, Davis, CA

Purpose: Bring together ANR academics and 4-H CES staff to:

  • Share efforts, program models, strategies, and lessons learned
  • Provide professional development on inclusiveness and intercultural competence
  • Begin a mentoring program to build capacity to work with diverse youth and communities.

These purposes align with the new 4-H Strategic Plan and UC ANR's Strategic Plan.


  • Hold workgroup meetings
  • Share the 2018 NIFA Report
  • Share/network: Share California county efforts (programs & research) to embrace diversity and foster inclusion
  • Report on three-years of the UC 4-H Latino Initiative
  • Professional Development: Introduce advisors and staff to critical topics to consider when embracing diversity and inclusion in their 4-H programs
  • Initiate a 4-H diversity mentoring program

Who Should Attend:
ANR Academics and Programmatic Staff. Programmatic Staff are asked to obtain approval from your supervisor or program lead.



Program Team Chairs: Jolynn Miller or Steven Worker

Logistics: ANR Program Support, Julia Kalika (530) 750-1380 or Shannon Martin (530) 750-1328.