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Pest Overview

The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback (PSHB/FD) and Kuroshio Shot Hole Borer/Fusarium Dieback (KSHB/FD), are a non-native beetle fungi complex that have invaded Southern California and are currently threatening tens of thousands of trees throughout the region. This invasive species complex is quickly reaching epidemic proportions and has widespread environmental, economic, and aesthetic implications for the region.


Round pic of sycamore trunk with severe dieback

The Beetles

Learn more about the history of PSHB and KSHB and the threat they pose to California.

The Disease

What causes Fusarium Dieback? Learn more about the pathogenic fungi behind the disease.

Host Species

See the current list of host trees that are most susceptible to ISHB/FD.

Economic Impact

Calfornia is learning more about the economic impact of ISHB-FD complex.


Find answers to PSHB, KSHB, and Fusarium Dieback questions.