Rizzo Lab
University of California
Rizzo Lab


Ross Meentemeyer - North Carolina State University

Matteo Garbelotto - University of California, Berkeley

University of Cambridge:

Nik Cunnife

João Filipe

Chris Gilligan

University of California Cooperative Extension:

Yana Valachovic

Brendan Twieg

Dan Stark

Chris Lee

Radoslaw Glebocki

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection:

Kim Corella

Kim Camilli

Julie Rhoades

Phytosphere Research

Ted Swiecki

Elizabeth Bernhardt

University of California, Davis:

Lab of Takao Kasuga

Collaborators associated with the Big Sur Project:

Mark Borchert - USDA Forest Service

Frank Davis - UC Santa Barbara

Mark Readdie - Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve


Monterey Peninsula Regional Park District

Big Sur Land Trust

Santa Lucia Conservancy

Los Padres National Forest

California State Parks

California Department of Fish and Game

More than 45 participating private landowners in Big Sur that provide us access to the lands for the Big Sur monitoring network

Collaborators associated with the Stream Monitoring Project:

Bureau of Land Management


Del Norte County Agriculture Commissioner’s Office

Hoopa Valley Tribe

Humboldt County UC Cooperative Extension

Humboldt Redwood Company

Mattole Restoration Council

Pinnacles National Park

Redwood National and State Park

Yurok Tribe

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