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Ashley Hawkins

Contact: aehawkins'at'ucdavis.edu

Ashley with Bridgeoporus nobilissimus
Ashley with Bridgeoporus nobilissimus

I am a PhD student in the Plant Pathology Department. My research is on native forest pathogens of old-growth mixed-conifer forests in the Sierra Nevada.  I am interested in understanding how pathogens interact and impact natural forest systems by altering species composition, stand structure, diversity, and regeneration.  I am also interested in fungal biology, ecology, and systematics.

I joined the Rizzo lab in 2010, first doing fieldwork on Sudden Oak Death in Big Sur, CA, followed by a lab technician position working on stream monitoring for Phytophthora ramorum across its range in CA.


Ashley with Fomitopsis officinalis
Ashley with Fomitopsis officinalis

Hawkins AE, Henkel TW. 2011. Native forest pathogens facilitate persistence of Douglas-fir in old-growth forests of Northwestern California. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 41: 1256-1266. 

Hawkins AE. 2011. Forest Pathogen Dynamics in Old-Growth White fir/Douglas-fir Forests of Northwestern California.  California Forest Pest Council Annual Meeting, McClellan, CA (invited presentation).

Hawkins A, Henkel TW. 2010. Native fungal pathogens influence succession in old-growth conifer forests of California, USA. IX International Mycology Congress, Edinburgh, Scotland (poster).

Hawkins A, Henkel TW. 2009. Native forest pathogens may facilitate persistence of Douglas fir in late-seral Abies concolor/Pseudotsuga menziesii forests in Northern California. Mycological Society of America (MSA) Annual Meeting, Snowmass, Utah (presentation).



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