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Patricia Maloney

Contact: pemaloney'at'ucdavis.edu
                 Phone: (775) 881-7560 x7473
                 Fax: (775) 832-1673

My research focuses on natural and anthropogenic influences on forest tree dynamics, genetic structure, and adaptations in western montane ecosystems. We are working on identifying key environmental influences (climate, soil properties, geology, physiognomy, biotic interactions, and geography) on adaptive plant traits (e.g., disease resistance, water-use efficiency, phenology, resource allocation patterns, and growth) to determine quantitative relationships between environmental influences and forest tree adaptations as well as responses to pathogens, insects, and drought across montane landscapes. Our research group is also actively engaged in resource and genetic conservation of North American white pine species Pinus albicaulisPinus balfourianaPinus flexilisPinus lambertianaPinus longaeva, and Pinus monticola.  Read more about Patricia's research regarding white pines and white pine blister rust.  


Degree Institution Year Specialization
B.S. University of Hampshire, Durham 1991 Botany
M.S. Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff 1995 Biology
Ph.D. University of California, Davis 2000 Ecology

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