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Abstract - Dr. Henry Vaux. Jr.

08:10 Some Lesser Known Results of the Rosenberg Forum
Dr. Henry Vaux Jr., Emeritus Chair, Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy and Emeritus Professor, Resource Economics, UC Berkeley

Abstract: The results of the first ten Rosenberg Forums are generally well known to the participants and accessible via the published proceedings of most of those Forums. There are two important consequences of the Forum that are less well known. The first of these relate to the field trips which preceded each of the first ten Forums. Field trips were always intended to allow the participants an opportunity to get to know each other before the actual Forum and to gain some acquaintance with important water management issues in the host country. Individually the trips were a success. Taken collectively they provide a significant sample of global water problems and solutions. The second body of lesser known results are the several regional Forums focused on regional problems. The objectives of the regional forums were to provide policy and strategic advice about resolution of the problems at hand. A brief review of each of these two sets of lesser known results fills out the picture of the first two decades of the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy