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Biography of Katherine Vammen

Katherine Vammen PhD with specialty in biochemistry and microbiology from the University of Salzburg, Austria is a specialist in water quality and interdisciplinary natural science studies. She is presently Director of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute for Natural Sciences at the University of the University of Central America in Nicaragua (IICN-UCA) and Co-Chair of the Inter-American Network of Academies of Sciences (IANAS) Water Program and National Focal Point for Nicaragua. She was Co-editor of Urban Waters Challenges in the Americas, IANAS publication in 2016. Recent publications include: The Challenge of Managing the Urban Waters of the Americas in Environment: Science and Policy for Sustainable Development; Water Resources of Nicaragua and COVID-19: Between panic and apathy? in Brazilian Journal of Biology and Co-Editor of the recent book publication of the Water Program of IANAS (2019), Water Quality in the Americas, Risks and Opportunities. She was former Dean of the Faculty of Science, Technology and Environment of the University of Central America, Managua; former Deputy Director of the Nicaraguan Research Center for Aquatic Resources at the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (CIRA/UNAN) and founder of the Central American Regional Master’s Program in Water Sciences.

Past Rosenberg Involvement: Speaker at the 7th Forum in 2010 and at the 9th Forum in 2016.