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2008-2009 Funded Projects


Oaks in Urban Landscapes: Selection, Care, and Preservation

Project Leader: Laurence Costello UC Cooperative Extension San Mateo and San Francisco Counties 

In efforts to preserve and enhance California oaks RREA funds supported the completion of work on a new publication, Oaks in the Urban Landscape: Selection, Care, and Preservation. The publication will be detailed, up-to-date and comprehensive and will serve as a principal resource for all those involved in oak management, planners, academics, land managers, resource managers and homeowners.


Western States Eurasian Mussel Symposium

Project Leader: Jodi Cassell Retired UC Cooperative Extension Sea Grant

With RREA providing partial funding a multi-state symposium of agencies and program staff and interested government agencies from 11 Western states was convened to discuss and facilitate education, engagement, and coordinated action on Eurasian mussel prevention and control. Progress was made at the symposium in the development of targeted and coordinated approaches to research, management, and outreach focusing on Eurasian mussel control and recommendations were developed for education, and any additional policy coordination or measures that may be needed specific to Western state environments and issues.


Land Use Planning Resources for CE Personnel

Project Leader: Sabrina Drill UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles County

Changing land use is one of the most important issues facing California. In this project, we collected expert and research-based information on land use change, water quality and watershed management, habitat conservation, health and obesity, and preservation of working landscapes and used it to update the UC ANR Land Use Planning Workgroup Website. The new Land Use Planning Workgroup Website is expected to become a valuable tool for responding to, or influencing, land use decisions so that they better protect and improve the status of natural resources including rangeland, forests, and water.


Sustainable and Fire Safe Landscapes in Southern California

Project Leader: Sabrina Drill UC Cooperative Extension Los Angeles County

This project improved fire safety while protecting wildland health by reducing the use of invasive plants in yards. RREA funds provided for the development and distribution of SAFE Landscapes Calendar and Guidebook for Ventura County. The publications were distributed to area wildland/urban interface homeowners, landscape professionals, insurance agents, and realtors, mail survey respondents indicated 78% found the calendar to be a useful tool.


Niche Beef Production Manual

Project Leader: Larry Forero UC Cooperative Extension Shasta County

Many beef ranch operators have inquired if the study manual for the Beef Cattle Quality Assurance Program certification was available in Spanish as many of their employees speak only Spanish. RREA funds provided for the short-course Beef Cattle Quality Assurance Programs manual to be translated into Spanish and the translated manual has already been used at 2 quality assurance trainings.


Grazing Practices and Systems, Module 4

Project leader: Melvin George Emeritus UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences

The purpose of this multi-year project was to design, implement and evaluate a web-based grazing management course that serves the needs of continuing professional education throughout California. This module focused on management practices for extensive and intensive grazing systems and is fourth in the sequence but can stand-alone.


Viability and Resource Stewardship: Digital Stories from Sierra Valley

Project Leader: Holly George UC Cooperative Extension Plumas-Sierra Counties

RREA provided partial funding for a collaborative project between UC Davis' Art of Regional Change (ARC) program and UC Cooperative Extension in Plumas-Sierra Counties. The team worked with local storytellers in the 2 counties to complete 12 digital stories concerning local resource stewardship, preserving their rural way of life in the Sierra Valley, and agricultural viability; the result is a collection of 12 digital stories that are 2-4 minutes each. Passion for the Land: Personal Stories from the Sierra Valley is available for viewing at these websites: Plumas-Sierra Coop Extension, and UC Davis' Art for Regional Change.


Implementation of Grazing Waivers in Tomales Bay Watershed

Project Leader: Stephanie Larson UC Cooperative Extension Sonoma County

This RREA project educated landowners and lessees in the Tomales Bay watershed about the new grazing waiver legislation. An intern, coordinating with local agencies generated a landowner list to inform them about the educational efforts offered to become compliant. Over 200 graze landowners were contacted and educated on the new legislation and 85% of those contacted completed a Notice of Intent, the first step in obtaining the conditional waiver.


A Workshop Series on Comprehensive Ranch Management Plans: Extending Recent Research Results to Improve Water Quality from Grazed Range and Pasture Lands

Project Leader: Missy Merrill UC Cooperative Extension Modoc County

This RREA project began development of a workshop curriculum with supporting materials, incorporating recent research findings and potential management practices in conjunction with comprehensive grazed and irrigated pasture management for landowners and managers. Several fact sheets were finalized and include content on how to minimize the impact on watersheds while irrigating graze pastures, how to increase distribution of livestock to decrease their concentration in riparian areas, and also fact sheets with new research from UCCE associated with livestock grazing and watershed health.


Web-based Virtual Tour of a Fire Safe Demonstration Building

Project Leader: Stephen Quarles Emeritus UC Cooperative Extension Contra Costa County

This project developed and created a Fire Safe Demonstration Building Tour website in order to make the program available to a wider audience. The site is up and was viewed over 330 times in the first 2 weeks. The direct benefits of this project for renewable resources in California include; improved public understanding of wildfire hazards and risks, adoption of related prevention/safety practices, decreased fire suppression costs, lower fire insurance premiums, improved public safety, and decrease in death, injury, and losses related to wildland fire.


Development of an Education and Outreach Resource on Natural Habitat Recovery from Wildfire

Project Leader: Carl E. Bell retired UC Cooperative Extension San Diego County

With RREA funding this project developed an interactive web-based, geographical and pictorial resource on natural habitat recovery following wildfire for use by agencies, organizations and the general public. The tool platform has made the photo series available to a wide audience and is being used in public education and outreach on the impacts and recovery of California's natural habitats following wildfire.









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